Friday, August 29, 2014

Silly Blog! Private Setting is for Journals with Locks

Funny story...Blogger ate my blog.

Well, only kinda.  Somehow the settings got swapped to private (maybe I was sleeptyping again?) and posts I wrote for a couple months there disappeared.

No worries, it's regurgitated now.

Wait, what?

That sounds horrible.

The whole whoopsiedaisy got me thinking a little bit about WHY we blog.  Why not just write our thoughts down in a journal with a nice little lock and key?  Even a digital lock and key.  Why share?

I think it's because we crave some connection.  I can't speak for all bloggers with all purposes, but for a writer?  The work can be pretty lonely.  And we want to reach out to others in similar, small, personal boats (not the same boat, of course, you see? Because it's lonely work.  Consistent metaphor usage, natch) and share what we're experiencing.

The value in that?

1) You're not alone.  All the struggles you experience?  Other people are there, too.  Which means...

2) Struggling is normal.  You can start to feel like a failure when you're the ONLY one wrestling with a tricky revision.  Or floundering in your search for an agent.  Or fighting with your characters.  Or disappointed in a book that didn't sell.  But the only reason you're the ONLY one?  You haven't looked hard enough to find the other writers who are experiencing the exact same things.

3) The people who get those struggles? They're the only ones who can offer the "Oh, you have no idea how much I GET THAT" kind of support.  Parents, friends, spouses--they can all support us with positive words and giving us time to write and applauding our efforts.  But God love 'em, as my Nana used to say, they don't really understand.

What kinds of connections do you seek with social media?  Do you find those connections to be meaningful and helpful?