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Giveaway!! Seamstress Prize Pack

Two months from today, Torn will be released!
I'm already excited--and I want to celebrate ahead of time a little bit and give one you a gift!  In the spirit of the trade employed by the main character, Sophie, in Torn, this is a "Seamstress Prize Pack." I'm giving away a copy of the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking and a sweet little pair of embroidery snips.

Why these items? Because my (sometimes obsessive) love of sewing and historical textiles was a huge part of the inspiration for Torn, and I am *loving* how this book by Lauren Stowell and Abby Cox makes the process of sewing historical gowns so accessible.  If you've ever wanted to dive into sewing historical garments, this is a wonderful entree.  And if you've been sewing for ages, there are still excellent patterns, tips, advice, and general prettiness to enjoy, too.  Frankly, even if you never intend to sew a stitch, it's a beautiful book to look at it and it certainly enriches …

In Which We Have a Cover!

Orbit unveiled the cover for Torn last week and GUYS. I love this thing! 

One thing that's very weird about the cover of one's book is that, unless your circumstances are very unusual in traditional publishing or you're a multi-talented self-pubber who did her own cover, it's, um, not actually your work.  So people are generously complimenting me on it and I can't take the credit at all!  The artists at Orbit are amazing--captured the essence of the story and the vitals of the plot without resorting to anything too trope-y or sentimental.  
The other thing that's kinda weird (everything is a little weird for me right now, it's all so new) is that your publisher sends your book to established authors to ask for quotes or "blurbs" about it.  Hopefully these are positive and not, you know, "about on par with the back of my cereal box."  They then feature these on the cover (unless they're the cereal box thing), and let me tell you--it&#…

New Year! New Goals!

It hit me as we toasted with pink bubbly and shared the highlight reel of 2017 around my friend's dining room table--this is the year my debut novel comes out.  WHAT.  For all of 2017's faults--and I don't mean to downplay them, especially for anyone who really struggled this year--it brought a lot of very positive change for me and my family.  An interstate move brought my husband a job he can excel at and took us closer to family and my "ancestral homestead" where we plan to build a house.  We had a baby, and we're all smitten with our second daughter. 
And I sold my debut novel (plus two sequels). 
This is all good stuff--really good stuff!--but as I told a friend at the end of summer, my life felt a little bit like the new car I was driving (yeah, had to buy a new vehicle, too--the newness of 2017 just didn't let up). It was nice, it was better, even, that what I'd had before, and I liked it a lot, but it didn't really feel like mine.  2017 wa…