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Writing Retreat: How to DIY

I think every writer has, at some point, maybe a point surrounded by dirty dishes and a whining toddler, wanted to get away on a writing retreat.  I find myself pining for a quiet cabin in some remote woods, surrounded by writers (at nice, comfortable distances from me and one another) who are as engrossed in their own words as I am, tapping away on keyboards and making notes in big, full notebooks.  Maybe we'd meet up for dinners and have long discussions during hikes in aforementioned remote woods.  Maybe we'd make new friends.  Maybe we'd learn new things.  Maybe we'd just get uninterrupted time to write until our fingers cramped up and refused to type another word.

Unfortunately, time and finances don't always allow for a writer to get away in order to submerge herself in a formal writers' retreat.  However, with a little creativity...

...Backstory.  My husband is a Navy Reservist.  He's gone at least one weekend a month and 4-6 weeks a year.  So I'…

A Book for Every Reader

I've been reading a lot about gender and books and who reads them and why that matters.

If you keep up on news, discussions, and general brouhahas in publishing, I'm guessing you have, too.

There was Shannon Hale told by a school she would present to girls only, since she had written "girl books."  Boys, head to they gym for the "other" activity.  Like when we watched the videos about getting our periods and they got the lecture about deodorant (or was that just my school?).

There was Andrew Smith answering a (pretty loaded) question about the lack of female engagement with his work and getting roundly slammed for his response.

There are fantastic overviews of the issues at hand.

I'm finding myself considering, not the context of society and sexism, but the context of my personal responsibility as a writer.  What audience, and what breadth of audience, am I as a writer obligated to write books for?

It's a personal question.  It's probably a ques…