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Event March 31! In Which I Get to Hang Out With Mary Robinette Kowal in Chicago!

I'm excited to share that on March 31, I'll be at Volumes Bookcafe in Chicago to talk about fantasy, writing, and Torn with the incredible Hugo-award-winning author Mary Robinette Kowal!  (If you haven't read her Shades of Milk and Honey, you are in for a treat!) 

Join us at 7:30 (Central time zone)!  I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

More on the event here!

In Which My Debut Novel Releases

Release dates are weird things.

See, this book has felt "real" to me for a while now.  From seeing pass pages (and marking up pass pages and wow a novel means a STACK and a half of pass pages!)

to getting an ARC of my book, to a box of author copies arriving on my doorstep

to handling REAL ACTUAL copies of MY BOOK for the first time...

I've met my book as a book.  It feels real.  
It's been out there dipping its big toe in the world, too--there have been trade reviews and book blogger's reviews (like this one, this one, and I'm missing quite a few but I'm typing fast here, this one).  People have read my book.

I've had that stop and breathe moment--*PEOPLE have read my BOOK.*

(Whether people liked it or not isn't even registering--people have READ it.)

And all that happens before the book releases into the wild of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your favorite corner bookshop that's hanging despite the odds.

So what does happen tomorrow? Well...I hav…

Bookmark Giveaway!

GIVEAWAY!! TORN comes out next week—I kinda can’t believe it! To celebrate I’m giving away handmade-by-me, fabric-accented, signed bookmarks. Open anywhere the mail goes, enter on Twitter or Facebook! Open through midnight Sunday (ET).

I'm giving away five bookmarks minimum in each place, so feel free to enter in each!

Good luck!